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Hadrosaurus Foulkii

Haddonfield, New Jersey. Bronze, 17' in length

Associate sculptors: Bill Massey, Bevan Hannigan

Hadrosaurus Foulkii 2003 Haddonfield NJ.
Copy of 3.jpg
Hadrosaurus Foulkii detai lII.jpg
Hadrosaurus Foulkii detail II.jpg
Hadrosaurus Foulkii detail of head.jpg
oct 21 art pics 032.jpg

John Giannotti's sculpture of Hadrosaurus Foulkii is featured in numerous websites and was listed as a "Hidden Gem" by USA Today.  In addition, the sculpture is included in the following: 


"Dinosaur Encyclopedia", p. 51, Igloo Books, Oxfordshire, England 2006

"Public Sculpture in New Jersey", by Meredith Bzdak and Douglas Peterson, Rutgers University Press, 1999

"G is for Garden State" by Eileen Cameron, 2004

"Haddy, the Doorstopasaurus" by Lisa Suhay, Franklin Mason Press 2003, features the artist as one of the characters in the book. 

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