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The following sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings are currently available from Giannotti Studios 


"The Flow", Acrylic on Panel, 4'x10'

(Click on image to see installation)


"Take Five" 48"x48", Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas


"Dreaming Tuscany" 24"x24", Oil and Mixed Media on Panel


"Warminster Silo" Oil on Canvas​, 48"x28"


"Ode to Oldenburg" Oil on Panel​, 48"x28"


"I Stood Beneath an Orange Sky" Mixed Media on Panel, 28"36"

The Rescue, Bronze,Port St. Lucie Florid
Waiting forDelano John Giannotti.jpg

"Waiting" is available as a one of a kind casting in  bronze and as a one of a kind casting in hydrostone with bronze patina. These are the only two sculptures of "Waiting for Delano" that exist.  No editions of the sculpture will be made in the future.  14"h

"The Rescue", a life-size bronze monument, is available in a limited edition.  Giannotti Studios will customize each bronze statue with the name of your fire company on the shield and uniform.  We will be happy to work with your plaza designers and architects on site details.  

Janis Joplin.png

"Janis" 24"h, Gypsum Cement

"Sacred Conversations II: Origins", Oil on Panel, 48" (the Giovanni Pisano pulpit in Pistoia)

Hadrosaurus Poster.jpg

Hadrosaurus Foulkii posters, individually signed by the artist, are available for purchase.  To order posters go to, click on "Store", then click on image of the Haddy poster.  Special prices available for bulk orders.  PayPal accepted.

greek 3.JPG

Giannotti Studios is currently producing a limited edition of ten castings in hydrostone of "Greek Hillside".  Castings will be available framed or unframed.  


"Casting of Hadrosaurus Foulkii" This is the only casting of the head of the original bronze sculpture in Haddonfield, NJ.

Goodbye to Arnolfini New DEC5.jpg

"Saying Goodbye to Arnolfini" 30"x40", Pastel on Paper

Walt Whitman 006.jpg

"Darrel Ford as Whitman" 16"x20", Pencil and Ink Jet on Paper

Man with Buddhisattiva II.jpg
Conflict of Carnival and Lent DEC13.jpg

"Conflict of Carnival and Lent" 18"h, Hydrostone

"Buddhasattiva" 18"h, Hydrostone

Waugh New.jpg

"Eye on th World", Layered Panel, 12"x12"

Ecce Homo.jpg

"Ecce Homo", Wood, 30"x54"


"Whitman Bust" 19"h, Hydrostone

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